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On Your Doorstep

Support sustainable, local farms and get the best of what is growing each week delivered to your door

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Produce At Peak Freshness

Your produce gets harvested shortly before it arrives on your doorstep

Not The Whole Paycheck

We source high-quality produce for less by working with local farms too small to sell to stores

Sustainable By Default

Grown on nearby sustainable farms, our produce has a lower carbon footprint, and is better for the earth

The Local Pluck Basket

We fill our Local Pluck Basket with the best local produce we find each week.

Your basket is 100% customizable.

Add, change or remove any item from our selection of produce, farm goods, and groceries.

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Is this a local produce box?

Our Local Pluck Basket is filled with the best local produce growing each week and is a great starting point to building your order.
You can add or remove items from our selection of local and sustainable produce and groceries.

Is the subscription flexible?

You can skip, pause or cancel at any time, without any gotchas.

When and how will my order arrive?

You can choose your preferred delivery day on signup.
Depending on the weather, we protect your fresh produce fresh with a variety of compostable bags and ice packs, eco-friendly insulation and recyclable boxes

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