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Get the freshest produce possible from local and sustainable farms, delivered to your door each week.

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Local apples
Peak Freshness

Recieve nutritionally dense produce that's grown nearby and harvested to order

Food For Good

Support small, local, and minority-owned farms that use practices that care for the earth

Shop With Ease

Save time and get seasonal and delicious foods each week, on your doorstep

How it works, in a (locally grown) nutshell...

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Customize your basket with seasonal veggies, local pastured eggs, fresh farm goods and other delicious items from our market.

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Choose how often your basket should arrive & recieve your goods in thoughtfully packaged, reusable or compostable containers

A goodpluck basket filled with beautifully fresh veggies

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Pastured Eggs

Pastured Eggs

“Everything I have tried so far has been delicious and delightfully fresh. It is also amazing how much longer this local produce stays fresh [...] both bunches were vastly prettier and tastier than anything in a grocery store ”

Sarah, your average a happy customer

(Your Neighbor In Detroit)


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